Friday, March 13, 2009

Now Two Shows! Living In The Now! on Blogtalk Radio

Kimberley Jaeger is pleased to announce you can hear her on both WZLX 100.7 FM in Boston and 24/7 as archived on their website! Check out the podcast link below:


Kimberley Jaeger's New Show on Blogtalk Radio -


If you can not figure out how to log in on-line and listen at the link provided above... you can call in and listen (and talk if you want to) at this number: (646) 929-0419

You can also use SKYPE! The second Living In The Now program will be on December 2,2008. There will be no guests, only callers! So call in and be part of the fun! Future guests will be listed on this MySpace as well as the BlogTalk site. Please keep checking back for updates.

Welcome to Kimberley Jaeger's blog. Though people in the Boston area get to hear my interviews on Common Ground every Sunday morning from 7 AM to 9 AM on 100.7 FM WZLX, you can imagine the amount of books and media that show up in my mailbox (as well as my e mail Inbox). I so want to share with you many of the topics and ideas that are important but don't get the opportunity to be on the Common Ground show.

We're developing an idea for succinct book reviews which will help you better understand the content of new volumes being published. We might have author interviews on my blog that you won't hear on the radio, and you might find some of the Common Ground "Greatest hits" quotes on this webspace.

Thank you for listening to Common Ground. You can always check out the MySpace

Thanks for listening, thanks for your e mails and letters, we look forward to presenting you an entertaining and informative site.

Kimberley Jaeger,


MarkH said...

Hi Kimberly!

I've been following your interviews after hearing one of your interviews of George Kavassilas several months back. You are a fantastic interviewer. I appreciate you.

I am working with Diana Roth ( to get out her message for the ascention of those who want to move on with Mother Earth to the new Earth. Please, consider interviewing her. I would like to introduce you to her and see whether or not it makes sense to have you interview her.


Mark Hoza
Diana Roth's journey Beyond Vibration

Hopeful said...

Would appreciate more info on how to get a copy of your interview with Jim Humble, which I heard on your program 4-23-2017